Vibe and Vegas Show: Tanya C. Walker

Tanya C. Walker

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Tanya C. Walker is in charge of Walker Law, a commercial litigation firm located on Bay Street, in the heart of downtown Toronto.

Tanya grew up in the Jane and Sheppard area of Toronto. From a young age, she felt that she could learn and do anything that she wanted to do. Her parents have always provided encouragement and support and told her to always have a backup plan. Tanya has a degree in business and minor in economics from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. She worked for a few firms before branching out on her own about two years ago.

During our chat, Tanya tells us what influenced her to become a lawyer. Tanya’s mother also tells us where Tanya gets her drive from.

Tanya also give us the basics in the following areas of law:

– employment law
– small claims court
– landlord and tenant act
– home ownership law
– points to consider before entering into a contract
– business ownership including incorporation and partnership

Tanya speaks about how she had the opportunity to speak recently on 2012 International Women’s Day at the United Nations. To view Tanya’s speech at the United Nations, please click on the following link:!/pages/Walker-Law/190335834342797

Tanya closes our chat by speaking about the importance of relationships, mentorship and her call to action for Blacks.

Contact Tanya via:

(647) 342-2334 ext. 302 (phone) (Email)
@Walker_Law (Twitter)

Please feel free to email us at If you live in North America, you can leave us a message at 1-866-280-9385 (toll free).

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